Historic American Landscapes Survey

Site Summit Nike Missile Site


This Chapter Initiative Program (CIP) project selected student Matt Carlisle, a sophomore from Purdue University, to perform the work for the HALS (Historic American Landscapes Survey) project at the Site Summit Nike Missile Site, located atop the Chugach Mountains overlooking Anchorage.  The historic missile site was being considered for preservation and potential restoration of some of the facilities.  It is seen by the community as an asset that exhibits the history of Alaska and played a significant role during the Cold War era. 

Matt Carlisle and his professor, Bernie Dahl, who visited Matt during the summer, showed a strong interest in the project.  Matt drove up to Alaska during the summer of 2008 to perform his work, meeting with Ken Morton and Kevin Doniere to periodically review the progress and quality of work.  Matt did the bulk of his work during that summer and finalized the drawings while he was back at school. Click the link below to view the project document:

HALS - Site Summit HALS - Site Summit (3609 KB)

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