Hire a Landscape Architect

Landscape Architects employ a wide range of skills and interests to achieve environmental, socio-behavioral and aesthetic excellence in all types of exterior spaces for people.  If you think a landscape architect might be able to help you with a design solution contact an Alaska firm that offers landscape architectural services.

How to choose someone to help you landscape your residence

  • Look for a landscape architect/designer who is experienced in the kind of residential design that you are seeking. Landscape architecture/design encompasses a wide range of activities, from planning new regional park systems to designing stone garden urns, and most professionals specialize. Make sure yours has a track record with projects of the same scale as yours.
  • Ask friends and neighbors to recommend a landscape architect/designer. Make sure you get details about why they recommend this person. If you are looking for planting expertise, a landscape architect/designer with a great talent for designing swimming pools might not be for you.
  • Know the difference between landscape architects and other related service providers. Landscape designers, garden consultants and master gardeners can advise you in their areas of expertise, but (if you need these services) make sure that they have experience in construction oversight, local regulations, site engineering and building techniques - and make sure that they have professional liability insurance if you need these services and assurances.
  • Hire only as much expertise as you need. If you want only a planting plan for your existing flower bed, a master gardener might give you better value.
  • To find someone to help you, check with the local American Society of Landscape Architects chapter, garden club, nurseries or get recommendations from friends.
  • Interview a few landscape architects/designers on the phone. Ask whether you can see examples of their work to ensure that you like their style. You can ask to see a brochure or portfolio, ask whether they have any projects published in magazines or books, or see whether they can direct you to finished projects that you might visit (with permission).
  • Invite promising designers to come to your property to give you an estimate.
  • Establish a clear understanding of what you expect from a landscape architect/designer and make sure you communicate this to those you interview. Choose someone with whom you can communicate easily
  • Before any work begins, establish a scope and fee and have a contract to go with it. This protects you and the designer by trying to make sure everything is clear and understood when it comes to tasks and their compensation.

The Difference Between a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Designer

The easy answer is that when it comes to residential design, probably not much. The big difference is a person’s knowledge and skills and how they relate to what you want for your design. The two terms are sometimes a legal necessity because in most some states and provinces, landscape architecture is a legislated profession where individuals need to meet certain minimum standards of competence. These relate to the health, safety and welfare of the public. Most large or commercial projects require a landscape architect, but residential projects can be well served by a landscape designer.