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AELS Regulation Updates

Our AELS chair, Ed Leonetti has been working on updating licensure requirements since 2019. These updates are happening throughout the nation and are driven by CLARB's efforts to create a Universal Standard for licensure. It will go into effect in Alaska on 5/5/23.

A few notes on how you can participate!

  • The 2019 AELS Statute Change will go before the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee on April 12th. People are invited to call in if you are interested in hearing the discussion.

  • SB 83 will also be heard at the meeting – this bill is for temporary licensing relating to some professions

  • SB 73 – Interior Design Registration Act will be heard at the same meeting on April 12th.

For more information feel free to reach out to Ed Leonetti via our chapter e-mail:


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