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Local LA featured in "THE DIRT"

Monique Anderson, of Anderson Land Planning, worked to construct the Sitka Community Playground at Crescent Harbor Park this past year. Not only was this an incredible volunteer-run project, but also happened because of LWCF funding, which was recently signed into law. We wanted to highlight Monique's public awareness efforts and also this great project that incorporated the local community in dynamic ways!

Photo courtesy Sitka Community Playground at Crescent Harbor Park / Anderson Land Planning, Patrick Schneider photography

Excerpt Below:

"In Sitka, a rural community found in the rainforest of southeast Alaska on the Pacific Coast, landscape architect Monique Anderson, ASLA, founder of Anderson Land Planning, also received the support her project needed from LWCF.

With the help of a grant of $220,000, the community was able to move forward with the much-needed Sitka Community Playground at Crescent Harbor Park. “The grant from LWCF was really important early on, as it inspired the state and local governments to open their purse; they realized the project was a real thing that was happening.”

Anderson said the $1 million project was driven by a “volunteer group of moms” who saw the need for a new space for their kids. The LWCF frequently funds playground and park development projects in both large and small communities across Alaska"

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