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ASLA AK Featured in Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

A couple of ASLA members in Fairbanks reached out to the board this November to see if the Chapter would be interested in a public awareness opportunity that included a $500 entry fee to decorate a tree. The entry fees then translated into a charity opportunity, where the winner of the tree competition would then get to decide where the proceeds go within the community! On the opening night was Friday, December 6th (a brisk -20 degrees fahrenheit), when our tree shown bright and was featured in the local newspaper highlighting our chapter's decoration skills!

The board voted yes on this opportunity because we felt it was a great public awareness opportunity as well as a way to give back during the holiday season. In addition to the tree being amazingly bright (see images below), it features an overview of ASLA with the following caption posted on the tree:

"Landscape Architecture is the design of spaces and places for people. It’s about parks and schools and streets and remote wilderness and everything that surrounds us. Landscape Architects design, plan, and manage land with the goal of being stewards that understand the careful balance between nature and meeting human needs.

Interested in landscape architecture? Check us out at"

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