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2021 Chapter Awards Announcement

The ASLA AK awards presentation on Friday evening as the penultimate moment of Anchorage Design Week was a success, with about 40-50 community members showing up for the in-person sequence of events being projected onto the façade of the Anchorage Museum, see attached image taken as folks were filtering in at dusk. The evening kicked off with a short film screening of The Land: An Adventure Play Documentary directed by Vermont’s own Erin Davis ( The screening was run as a partner program with the Anchorage Museum and the Alaska Design Forum.

The AK ASLA Awards were then presented and verbally recognizing project team members and all multidisciplinary teammates. This was fairly streamlined and people would hoot and holler for folks in the audience which was quite fun. It was a great way to demonstrate a cross section of work done by LA’s. The award of excellence winner, Sand Lake Learning Lab, is someplace that our Anchorage audience can easily get to and enjoy.

Finally, our evening ended with Anchorage’s official PechaKucha Night Vol. 11 hosted by the Alaska Design Forum. They’re part of the official 20x20 network and I helped them load it up with Landscape Architects and landscape architecture related speakers. This including AK ASLA members chapter president Melisa Babb, Fellow Tamas Deak, and member Kevin Jeffery. Additionally we had (3) climate change documentation presentations by Grant Crosby (NPS historical architect), Julia Ditto (science illustrator) and Klara Maisch (virtual, wilderness painter).

Jonny Hayes, PLA,

VP South-central


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