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Alaska Chapter Annual Meeting

The Alaska Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects 2024 Annual Meeting included a conversation about Fairview, one of Anchorage’s original neighborhoods, and one with the most vibrant and diverse population and land uses. Fairview has seen much change over the past decade including a new school, new commercial and residential buildings and upgrades and improvements to the streets and parks and public facilities. Landscape Architects have played a critical role in improving Fairview and working with residents to “build a brighter future.” As part of the Anchorage Museum Design Week, the Alaska Chapter Annual Meeting provided members with an overview of the neighborhood, some of its key issues and its aspirations and how Landscape Architecture will play a key role in the neighborhood’s future.

Guest speakers included our own Jonny Hayes, Anchorage Museum; Galen Jones, AKDOT; Lindsey Hajduk, NeighborWorks Alaska; and S.J. Klein, Fairview Business owner. Their overview was followed by a Q&A panel style session, followed by light food and beverage. 1.5 CEUs were made available to attendees.

A brief business meeting to review chapter finances and 2023 Chapter activities was held while attendees finished eating.

Special thanks to Sarah Kwon, Victor Stanley, Karl Croft, Exerplay and the Anchorage Museum for supporting this event.


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