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Members: Accepting Board Nominations (Due June 17th).

Hello AK Chapter Members!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

The time of year has come to get Executive board nominations started. Alaska Chapter Executive Committee elections for the 2017-2018 term are eminent and as such we have a call for nominations for all positions listed below.

The positions to be filled are as follows:

  • President Elect

  • Vice President South Central

  • Vice President Southeast

  • Vice President Interior

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • At Large Member

  • At Large Member

The following is a description of each positions responsibilities:

President Elect/Past-President

The President-Elect/Past-President shall represent and act for the Chapter as directed by the president and consistent with the policies of the Society as established by the Board of Trustees.

Chapter Commitments
  • Assist the President at meetings and preside in the President’s absence or when called upon by the President

  • Serve as acting president when designated by the president or the Executive Committee

  • Assist the President in filling standing committee

  • Assist the management and administration of Chapter programs and budget

  • Lead special projects and assignments as designated by the Chapter President

  • For President-Elect, assume the President position the following year

  • Update Chapter Governance Handbook at beginning of term

  • Represent the chapter at the National ASLA convention and mid-year meeting as the Chapter President-Elect/Past-President (with partial reimbursement by Alaska Chapter and ASLA National)

ASLA National Commitments
  • Attend the ASLA national mid-year Chapter President’s Council

  • Attend the National ASLA conference

Committee Responsibility
  • Serve as chair of the Nominating Committee (when position is President-Elect, Past-Past-President shall hold this chair)

  • Serve on the Budget Committee

  • President-Elect: First year of four year commitment: year one President-Elect; years two and three President; year four Past President.

  • Past-President: Fourth year of four year commitment: year one President-Elect; years two and three President; year four Past President. As needed, the role of past-past-president shall be an ex officio one during the fifth year.

  • A Fellow or Member in good standing.

  • Network with other chapter executives and ASLA leaders on a national level

Vice President South Central (Programs)

The Vice President South Central shall:

Chapter Commitments:
  • Be informed on Chapter and Society goals and objectives, policies and procedures, programs and services, and activities and events.