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ASLA AK Chapter Constitution and Bylaws Update: 15 Day Review Period Opens Today

The Alaska Chapter is updating the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws that were originally adopted by the Chapter in 1994. With a few exceptions, the proposed Constitution and Bylaws follow ASLA National model Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, which were adopted by National in 2016. The chapter has been operating under a later revised version of the Constitution and Bylaws for many years, however these were never adopted by a vote of the Chapter. An overview of changes is provided below, a detailed summary of changes is available through the Chapter’s Bylaws Committee (contact: Taylor Keegan,

Overview Summary of Changes from 1994 version to 2016 version

Constitution – gives more power to the executive committee including increasing dues and making changes to the Bylaws without a vote of the chapter membership, but with notification of the members. Other minor editorial changes.

Bylaws – Bylaws clarify National’s role in reviewing applications for membership to the Society, assigning members to chapters, and removing members from a Chapter’s roster. Who is eligible to become a Chapter officer and roles of Chapter officers are more detailed in the proposed bylaws; the 1994 bylaws do not specify who is eligible. Numerous editorial changes.

To link to and review the proposed version of Constitution and Bylaws, which will be on the 2017-2018 Election Ballot, please click here.

The Open Comment Period Will Close 15 days from today and are due on Friday, August 25th at 7pm.

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