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Lighting for Northern Communities Lunch and Learn

Focus: Exterior handrails and pavement inlays

With: Sean Stoller and Andrew St Ives of Stoller Inc.

Sixteen people attended a noon lecture introducing an illuminated handrail system durable for winter conditions as well in corrosive situations such as coastal communities and communities who use salt and deicers. User safety is enhanced with the illuminated handrail system because it eliminates shadowing and can provide a consistent even light along stairs and pathways. The system allows the elimination of overhead lights that improves a dark night sky as well as removing or limiting obstacles from the path of snow removal operations. The railing can be used as guardrail in certain situations and can be used in vertical applications such as retaining walls. 

The inground lighting system is being tested in San Francisco to work with pedestrian crossings synchronizing with traffic lights to improve pedestrian safety. Systems work in minus 40 degree F. temperatures and are easily maintained with a unique segmented polymer GFR concrete inlay system that allows replacement of a slip-in LED strip.

Special thanks to Stephanie Cloud, Bettisworth North for organizing and hosting the lunch, and to Stoller for the great food.

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