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"Landscape Architecture in Alaska Design, collaboration, and foresight"

We are pleased to share an article that reviews many of hte local landscape architects across Alaska. This article, published in June 2017's edition of Alaska Buisness Monthly gives an overview of Landscape Architecture in Alaska through the eyes of Steve Callaghan, Peter Briggs, Steve Callaghan, Tamas Deak, Jonny Hayes, and John Rowe.

Photo credit: AK Business Weekly. "The newly built Nursery Greenhouse, located at the Alaska Botanical Garden, was designed by KPB Architects. Tamás Deák, Landscape Architect in Responsible Charge for KPB Architects, says the project has been underway for a few years, funded by seed money and grants from various entities. He says the building will have many uses beyond as a greenhouse, including for education and events."

These LAs discuss what they lvoe about the profession, and how Landscape Architecture stands out amongst other professions as a highly interdisciplinary and multifacited occupation.

Some of our favorite excerpts from the article include each LA's interpretation of what Landscape Architecture is:

Tamás Deák, ASLA, LEED AP BD+C, principal, landscape architect, and intern architect for KPB Architects, says, “One of the misconceptions about the profession is, just because it has ‘landscape’ in it doesn’t mean that you are gardening, and just because it has ‘architecture’ in it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are building, although you do both.” Steve Callaghan PLA, ASLA, landscape architect for LCG Lantech, Inc., describes landscape architecture as “part civil engineering and part architecture.” Peter Briggs, PLA, ASLA, FCSLA, principal landscape architect for Corvus Design, says, “Under state law, landscape architects’ areas of practice include irrigation, planting, plans, play apparatus, outdoor structures, and grading and shaping of land, which we share with other disciplines like civil engineering. But [as] for being a licensed landscape architect versus a landscape designer, we are tasked with protecting public health, safety, and welfare in what we do.” The Anchorage Museum’s Director of Design Jonny Hayes, also a landscape architect, says, “One of the things that is least understood [about landscape architects] is the breadth of knowledge that we do have, and then all the different ways we can apply it.”

Thank you Tasha Anderson for featuring this great article on Landscape Architecture in AK Buisness Monthly!

To read the full article, follow this link:

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